Great Naples 3 Piece Headboard Set Queen Transitional Style

New Naples 3 Piece Headboard Set Queen Transitional Style with price $496.99.

Naples 3 Piece Headboard Set Queen Transitional Style with Asian Hardwood  materials

Modern lines, nickel hardware, decorative legs, raised panels and a white finish give the Naples headboard set a versatile and chic presence in your bedroom. Let this grouping bring personality to your design in a smart, slim profile.

  • Wood headboard, nightstand and chest set
  • Design details: Crown molding top, decorative wood panels
  • Finish: Smooth white
  • Hardware: Brushed nickel
  • Construction: Hardwood solids and engineered wood
  • Headboard size: Queen
  • Headboard dimensions: W 64.75″ x D 2.5″ x H 52″
  • Nightstand storage: 1 drawer, 1 lower shelf
  • Nightstand dimensions: W 18″ x D 16″ x H 24″
  • Chest storage: 4 drawers (top-drawer is felt-lined)
  • Chest dimensions: W 36″ x D 16.5″ x H 36.5″
  • Assembly required

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